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Welcome to the Breema Clinic!

It’s time to refresh
your energy!


Breema is an invaluable support for counteracting the physical, mental, and emotional toll of these difficult times. Prolonged inactivity, isolation, and uncertainty have contributed to a variety of problems:


• Poor sleep quality

• Pain and stiffness

• Impaired digestion

• Anxiety

• Depression and loneliness

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Our dedicated Breema professionals can help you find greater comfort, health, balance, and harmony in your life. Whatever you need support with, Breema is an amazing resource, because it works naturally and without force.

Even if you have multiple illnesses, you still have an inner reserve of health—an instinctive energy that helps you stay alive.  Rather than seeking to isolate and attack a problem or symptom, Breema connects you to the source of vitality and health within you. As Breema strengthens your inner reservoir, you become connected to your own natural healing energy, which finds the best way to deal with any physical, mental, or emotional health issues.  

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Breema bodywork
  • Creates a profound sense of safety and security

  • Brings deep relaxation and releases tension

  • Catalyzes movement in the direction of optimal health


The Breema practitioner moves your body in ways that create a profound sense of safety and security, and with it, a deep relaxation and release of tension that catalyzes movement in the direction of optimal health.


In the atmosphere that is created during a Breema treatment, feelings of isolation and alienation fade and are replaced by a tangible sense of belonging and well being that is experienced simultaneously in the body, mind, and feelings.

Breema facilitates a direct experience of harmony and unity. The body responds to this experience by releasing tension. Our mind and feelings respond to it by letting go of fear and anxiety, as they connect to a deep inner knowledge of the essentially benevolent nature of life.  The desire for meaning is reawakened, and with it, a new enthusiasm for living life.

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Based on the same principles of harmony as Breema bodywork, the Self-Breema exercises we select and teach you support you to reconnect to the atmosphere of harmony and unity, and increase vitality in the body, clarity and calmness in the mind, and balance and openness in the feelings. Practicing Self-Breema increases flexibility and supports all the body’s systems to function more efficiently.

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Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony 


No Judgment • Body Comfortable • No Force • Single Moment/Single Activity • Firmness and Gentleness • No Extra • Mutual Support • No Hurry/No Pause • Full Participation


The Nine Principles of Harmony offer invaluable guidance for living life with greater harmony.

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