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Breema is about how to live your life, day by day in increasing harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

It's about how to be more present and available at any given time,

in whatever you're doing.

- From Real Health Means Harmony with Existence


 has proven Breema bodywork to be of significant benefit for people who wish to find an effective, practical, and totally enjoyable approach to increasing vitality and health.

Breema's primary aim is to promote harmony between body, mind, and feelings. This supports harmony between ourselves and others, and  in our relationship to all life. Our energy, usually drained by the disharmony between the mind, body, and emotions, becomes available to support the body's many physiological systems. Energy lost to tension is conserved, and becomes available for our body's innate self-healing mechanisms. 


Many recipients discover an inner positivity and a natural enthusiasm for life, and a fresh reserve of energy with which to live it.

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