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Breema bodywork class for stress reduction and team building


The Breema Clinic can develop a wellness event for your workspace or community.


Whether an introductory presentation, a 2-hour workshop, a weekly class, or a day-long program, you will leave relaxed and energized, with practical tools and principles you can bring to your work and to your life.

Breema can be practiced everywhere, supporting us to bring greater harmony to all our relationships, and to nurture ourselves in the midst of life’s demands.


Tension that drains our energy and steals our enthusiasm is replaced by a sense of wholeness and aliveness.


Tailored to your needs, workshops can include  body-centered meditation, simple Self-Breema self-care exercises, nurturing Breema bodywork sessions, mutually supportive partner and group exercises, and discussion of Breema’s nine harmonizing principles and their application in the bodywork, exercises, and daily life.

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