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These rates are for Breema bodywork sessions. 

For more information about an appointment with one of our integrative practitioners, please visit the Greeting Health website.

Initial visit: For first-time clients, this extended session includes Breema bodywork and an introduction to Self-Breema exercises and the Nine Principles of Harmony. $60.


Our 40-minute visit includes Breema bodywork as well as personal support in working with Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony and nurturing, energizing Self-Breema exercises. $60.


Our 25-minute visits are designed to fit anyone’s schedule and support greater balance and well-being. Many clients love this option and use it to receive Breema once a week! $40.​

We also offer a special 3-visit program if you are new to the Breema Clinic.

25-minute visit program $100.

40-minute visit program $150.

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